Terms & Conditions of X REWARDS Program

1.  X REWARDS program

1.1.  The point accumulation program X REWARDS (hereinafter – the Program) is a loyalty program for users of the VISA X payment cards – basic and additional X Smart cards  (hereinafter – the Card) issued by AS “Citadele banka”  Estonian branch  (hereinafter – the Bank).

1.2. The Bank preserves the right to change the terms of the Program by placing information thereon in the web page of the Bank, and also www.xkaart.ee

2. Participants of X REWARDS program

2.1. The Bank records X REWARDS points (hereinafter – the Points) for all purchases made by the Card user with the Card, irrespective of whether the Card user has been previously registered in the Program.

2.2. All Card users who have attained at least 18 years of age shall become participants of the Program (hereinafter – the Participant).

3. Collection of Points

3.1. Within the scope of these terms, a purchase is the acquisition of a product and/or service by paying with the Card through the use of a POS terminal at a seller or paying with the Card for purchases made online. Points shall not be recorded for purchases made at gambling sites, including online casinos, and also for transactions that are considered to be money transactions (e.g. acquisition of virtual currency, buying of currency, Quasi cash, etc.).

3.2. For every 2 (two) full euros spent in each purchase made with the X Smart card issued by the Bank, the Participant shall earn 1 (one) X REWARDS Point.

Example. If the Participant has made five purchases within 1 (one) calendar month using the Card issued by the Bank that amount to EUR 3.49, EUR 17.90, EUR 6.21, EUR 28.34, and EUR 4.57, then the Participant shall receive 28 X REWARDS Points (for every 2 (two) full euros of each purchase, ignoring the mathematical principle of rounding).

3.3. The points are saved on the Participant’s X REWARDS account (hereinafter the Account).

3.4. Points for purchases made with all Cards issued in the name of the Participant shall be summed up. Points for purchases with the basic and additional Card that has been linked to one account shall not be counted together, but in separate accounts for the users of each Card (the Participant).

For example, if the basic Cards has been issued to the Participant in his or her name, Points for purchases made with both Cards will be accumulated together in the Account of the Participant. But if an additional card has been linked to the account of the Participant, then Points for purchases made with the additional card will not be added to the Account of the Participant – user of the basic card – but to the Account of the Participant – user of additional card.

3.5. The Points accumulated by the Participant cannot be gifted, transferred or given in any other way to another person, including, another Participant, unless the Bank has provided otherwise.

3.6. Points shall be added to the Account of the Participant on the date when the sum of money assets for the purchase is being debited (withheld) from the Card account.

3.7. The Participant can see the accumulated Points in the online banking system and also www.xkaart.ee.

3.8. The period for the accumulation of Points is indefinite.

3.9. The validity of Points is indefinite.

3.10. The maximum number of Points that may be accumulated by one Participant is indefinite.

3.11. If the Participant closes the Card or if no purchase has been made with the Card for the period of 12 months and he or she does not have another Card, all accumulated and unused Points will be deleted. If the Participant closes one Card or if no purchase has been made with that Card for the period of 12 months, but the Participant has another Card in the program, Points for purchases made with the Card which is being closed or is inactive shall be saved.

4. Use of Points

4.1. The accumulated Points may be exchanged for rewards in the program web page xkaart.ee

4.1.1. To exchange Points for rewards in the web page www.xkaarte.ee you must authenticate with the online banking system of Citadele.

4.2. The accumulated Points may be used as soon as their number in the Account of the Participant has reached the number of Points necessary for the acquisition of the respective product or service.

4.3. Points may be used by choosing a reward in the web page www.xkaart.ee and exchanging them for products, services and discounts (hereinafter – the Rewards) provided by the partners of the Program (hereinafter – the Partners). Upon choosing the Reward, the Participant certifies that he or she has become acquainted with the conditions for the receipt of the Reward and has no objections against them.

4.4. After the Points have been exchanged for the Reward, the Participant shall receive a confirmation message from the Bank to the contact address indicated by the Participant, if such have been provided at the moment of ordering the Reward. The Participant may also see the transaction history in his or her Account.

4.5. From the moment when the Participant has chosen the Reward and approved his or her choice, the order of the Reward cannot be cancelled and/or changed, unless the confirmation e-mail or SMS provides otherwise.

4.6. Availability of Rewards may depend on their availability in the stock of the Partners or other conditions of the Partner. The Reward may not be combined with other offers or special services, unless indicated otherwise. Additional information on the availability of Rewards and special conditions is provided in www.xkaart.ee and also at the relevant Partner.

4.7. If the Reward chosen by the Participant cannot be provided for any reason, the Bank shall return Points to Participant Account.

4.8. The range of Rewards may change. Changes in the range of Rewards, description of Rewards and also required number of Points shall be made in the web page of X REWARDS points www.xkaart.ee without prior notification. Therefore, the information regarding the Rewards that is indicated in the advertising materials, including printed leaflets, is provided for information purposes only, and the Participant can choose Rewards only from the range available in the web page www.xkaart.ee at moment when a Rewards is chosen and such choice is approved there.

4.9. The Points cannot be exchanged for cash.

4.10. Points that are exchanged for the Reward are permanently deleted from the number of accumulated Points.

5. Termination of participation

5.1. The Bank has the right to revoke all Points accumulated by the Participant, not to issue Rewards and also to exclude the Participant from further participation in the Program, if the Participant performs any fraudulent or illegal actions with the Card, including for the accumulation of Points and receipt of the Reward.

6. Other Provisions

6.1. The Participant is informed that the Bank processes personal data of the Participant with the aim of recording the Points for purchases made with the Card, and when the Participant chooses a Reward, his or her personal data shall be transferred to the Partner who grants the respective Reward in order to ensure issue of the Reward to the Participant.

6.2. If the final recipient of the Reward is a third person, the Participant is responsible for transferring personal data of such third person to the Partner in accordance with the requirements of applicable legal acts (e.g. provide the information necessary for the subscription to a magazine – name, surname, telephone number, and address of the recipient).

6.3. The Bank does not take responsibility for the execution, quality and/or content of the Reward(-s). If necessary, the Participant must address such claims to the Partner.

6.4. The Bank has the right to unilaterally make amendments and/or additions to the Rules of the Program. The Bank informs the Participants of any amendments or additions to the Rules of the Program by publishing such amendments or additions on the web page www.xkaart.ee. The Participant has the obligation to acquaint himself or herself with the Rules of the Program and to keep track of the changes.

6.5. The Bank has the right to unilaterally terminate and end the Program by informing its Participants thereof 2 (two) months in advance in the web page www.xkaart.ee or in Citadele online banking. In such case the Participant can use the accumulated Points until the Program is terminated.

6.6. In case of force majeure circumstances, the Bank has the right to unilaterally suspend the Program and accumulation of Points, and also their exchange for Rewards until the expiry of the force majeure circumstances, or to issue Rewards at a date that is later than the deadlines indicated in these terms by immediately, as soon as it is possible, posting the relevant information in the Citadele online banking service and/or the web page www.xkaart.ee.

6.7. Any disagreements, claims or disputes between the Bank and Participant arising out of the Program shall be resolved in accordance with the procedures laid down in the contract on the issuance of the Card.

6.8. You can obtain further information about the program by calling the Customer Helpline of the Bank free of charge on 77 00 000, visit the website of the program at www.xkaart.ee or the Bank’s website at www.citadele.ee

7. Liability

7.1. Citadele cannot be held liable for Points not being used due to reasons depending on the winner.

7.2. Citadele cannot be held liable for the damage that may be caused to the winner of the Prize as a result of use of the Prize.

Prepared on: 25.02.2019